Do you need an expensive guitar to make a professional sounding recording?

Today we compare three price levels of guitar. A cheap guitar vs. an expensive. Is the price worth it? What about a mid-range priced guitar? When you spend more money on a guitar, what are you getting. Lets look at how a cheap guitar vs. an expensive guitar sounds in a song. Let's talk about the construction of a cheap guitar versus an expensive guitar. Is it worth spending your money on an expensive guitar? Find out in this video!

Gear used in video:
Fender Squire
Schecter Sustainiac
PRS 513

The Music With Marky channel is dedicated to giving guitar students the guitar lessons they need to make good music. Each guitar lesson teaches guitar players how to play guitar in the most musical way possible. Shred guitar and guitar tricks are important, but great music is what makes all the guitar practice worth it!

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