ECE4450 Four-Pole Filters with Feedback: OTA-C Examples (Analog Circuits for Music Synthesis)

This is a follow-up to the previous lecture on the theory of four-pole filters with feedback: https://youtu.be/rnP_vo1ij50

You should also be sure to watch my lecture on the Moog ladder filter, which is another implementation of the four-pole-with-feedback structure: https://youtu.be/IRxeIEeAAnU

I recorded this during the Spring 2021 offering of ECE4450: Analog Circuits for Music Synthesis, but this material will likely be appropriate for future offerings as well.

Featured websites/videos:

Ryan Williams's SSM2040 analysis: http://www.sdiy.org/destrukto/modular/smd2040a.html

Electric Druid's CEM3320 filter designs compendium (including the Elka Synthex): https://electricdruid.net/cem3320-filter-designs

Boob Moog Foundation 904B notes: https://moogfoundation.org/march-2015-schematics

Dave Brown's 904B page: https://modularsynthesis.com/moog/904b/904b.htm

Sweetwater Sound's interview with Dave Smith: https://youtu.be/PAS-3dYr4A8
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