Eddie Van Halen's Guitar Tech Tom Weber Restrings and Sets Up an EVH Frankenstein "Frankie" Guitar

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Tom Weber stopped by Five Star Guitars to demonstrate the tools, techniques, and philosophies of setting up guitars for the world's biggest guitar heroes. Eddie Van Halen, C.C. DeVille, and many other six string stars have relied on Tom's expertise, consistency, and efficiency to get their instruments performance-ready while out on tour.
In this video, Tom restrings a limited edition custom shop Frankie. Throughout the process, Tom shares his time-saving techniques and go-to tools for getting the job done quickly. He patiently explains his approach to matching an instrument's setup to the player, providing reliable intonation and playability, and goes through each part of the process in-depth.
As Tom skillfully works through the setup, he shares his thoughts on component upgrades, tuner peg-head wrapping strategies, and even goes so far as to explain why gravity is an important consideration when tuning guitars for his artists!
Shot from multiple angles and close-up views, this tutorial is sure to inspire you to take your setup skills to the next level.
A huge thank you to Tom Weber for his time and expertise, Taft Stricklin for setting up logistics and connecting all of us together, and George Ross for equipment and setup.
A special thank you to the Five Star Guitars crew for endless hard work, creativity, and dedication.

Check out the String Stretcha used in the video:

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