Electric Bike Company Model S Review | Electric Cruiser Bike (2021)

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This Electric Bike Company Model S review shows how this class 3 electric beach cruiser combines high end manufacturing with loads of customization. When we reviewed the Model S we were impressed by how comfortable the bike was. The Model S is also a bike that doesn't require a learning curve to ride. Regardless of your riding experience, you should feel at home on the Model S.

In our Electric Bike Company Model S review we put the bike through numerous tests to get a better understanding of how it stacks up compared to other electric bikes. In the simplest of terms, the Model S felt very well put together and very well thought out. We conducted a hill test, brake test, circuit test and more to get a good idea of the Model S’ performance.

If you’re looking for a cruiser style electric bike that's comfortable, customizable and that's going to stand the test of time we would definitely recommend looking into the Electric Bike Company Model S. With loads of colors and upgrades to choose from at check out we think there should be a Model S set up for just about anybody.

Thanks for watching our Model S review, we hope we could provide you with some insight and additional information about the bike. Be sure to check out our written review for more in depth information on the Model S.

0:00 Electric Bike Co Model S Intro
0:41 Who It's For
1:46 Motor & Hill Test
8:41 Battery & Range Test
11:06 Cockpit
14:11 Circuit Test
15:51 Brake Test
18:21 Conclusion

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