Electromagnetic Induction (Ch23) | A2 Review Session | Cambridge A Level 9702 Physics

Exam revision summary of Faraday & Lenz Law, eddy currents, and how to analyze all kinds of scenarios.
0:00 Last Chapter Speed Runnn
0:40 Main Idea 1 What is Induced Current?
1:49 Main Idea 2 Faraday's Law & Lenz's Law
5:33 Main Idea 3 Magnetic Flux & Magnetic Flux Linkage
6:27 Main Idea 4 Ways Magnetic flux can be changed
10:44 Main Idea 5 Transformer speed example [ON12 P41 Q7] #9702w12p41
12:24 For more explanation, watch full recording in play list.
14:45 Key Skills tested in this Chapter
18:26 [Eg 1] ON20 P42 Q9 Induced emf sketch & Hall Voltage sketch #9702w20p42
27:20 Difference between induced emf and Hall voltage.
34:23 Such courage! such daring! such bravery!
35:10 [Eg 2] ON20 P41 Q9 Transformer explanations. #9702w20p41
44:30 [Eg 3] FM21 P42 Q9 Induced emf calculation and Induction Laws #9702m21p42explain
1:05:35 Ending thoughts - Stay Calm, stay cool, do your best.

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