Ep 107 14 crypto price targets as Bitcoin repairs technical damage KSMethod TA Rules + much more

Building on the knowledge of Episode 106, this episode introduces you to many new rules and uses the KSMethod estimate reasonable price targets as crypto repairs technical damage across community favs: BTC ETH BNB KSM DOGE XRP CTSI DOT MATIC VET SOL TOTAL LUNA AVAX. We investigate fear/greed, shorts/longs BTC, shorts/longs ETH, liquidations, derivatives, %crypto gainers (24h/7d), %crypto losers (24h/7d), Bitcoin: Net Realized Profit/Loss, Tether USD: Balance on Exchanges - All Exchanges, Bitcoin: Stablecoin Supply Ratio (SSR) Oscillator, bitcoin google search trends, DCA, dollar cost averaging guides, many trading rules to help you be more of a financial blessing to yourself and those you love.

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