Ep 149 TREND - Bitcoin crypto stocks analysis (70+ charts) FOMC Delta KSModel Rules Onchain +++

Bitcoin's trend impacts your ALTs as well as crypto stocks, ETFs, and Funds. Economic data, debt levels, interest rates, the dollar, inflation and more also cryptos. Commodities (gold and silver), treasury yields, and bonds can signal warning signs in crypto. It's vital to expand your knowledge across these issues as you risk your money inside the world's most volatile market - crypto.

I seek to bring you the most indepth and extensive coverage on Cryptos current position using the KS Model as a basis supplemented by onchain and other market data collecting probabilities as we go to form an overall picture. We assess economic and stock market data to form an early warning system for the health of all markets.

The KS Process and KS Model are designed the track the daily true trend of crypto market independently of any news source (Rule 148 - Be 100% Responsible and Rule 147 - See things with no bias). Today we see if the Bull Market case for crypto still holds, what storm clouds are on the horizon, and any hints at potential black swan events looking at onchain and off chain data and market analysis.

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