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Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at etrailer.com. Today, we're gonna take a look at this OptiMate 7 Ampmatic nine-step, AC to DC, 12 volt smart battery charger and maintainer. Now, this is a nice, compact smart charger which will draw power from an AC wall outlet to automatically charge, test, and maintain batteries on your cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, and even boats. This is designed to work with 12 volt standard AGM, gel, EFP and deep cycle lead-acid batteries. Does offer multiple battery profiles that'll let you charge a variety of lead-acid battery types at different voltages.

And it uses a nine-step charging algorithm, which will automatically charge and maintain without overcharging. Basically, they'll analyze the battery condition to provide a customized charge for that battery. It does use a built-in battery desulfator, which will restore lost battery capacity, and it saves sulfated batteries as low as .5 volts. It does test automatically and indicate if there's a battery problem, and it'll adjust the voltage based on the temperature. It does have a pulsing absorption mode, which brings all battery cells to equal strength to optimize performance.

And the ampmatic charge will determine your battery size and adjust the charging current to suit that battery. Now, this does connect to your battery by including two different cables. First one is your standard battery clamps to provide a nice, quick, easy way to connect to your battery. Has your stand, standard positive negative clamp, clamps to your battery. And on this end, the SAE connector that'll plug to the SAE connector on the charger.

Total length on the cable for the battery clamp is about 20 inches. And the other way is a little more permanent, it's the eyelets. These eyelets will connect that'll let you make a secure connection to your battery terminals. Does include this 15 amp inline fuse that protects electronics from potential short circuits. And on the end is the same way, the SAE connector that will connect to the charger with using that.

But what's nice about this one, since it's a little more permanent, they do use a weatherproof seal around the connector, and provide a cap that when you're not using it, keeps out any dirt and water. Same way, the length on this eyelet cable is about 20 inches also. Now, it is a very simple operation. It uses LED lights that'll indicate the charging status. You can see this is all in a nice, durable weatherproof case. Includes the wall mounts, two at the bottom, two at the top to install it. Comes with a six foot long AC supply lead and a six foot long charge lead that has that SAE connector on it. Does also come with a nice instruction manual that'll describe how this all operates. But what's nice is also on the charger itself, they have a QR code that you can scan with your portable device and that'll bring up the instructions. So, if by chance, you don't have the booklet with you, you can just scan that QR code and still get all the instructions you need. Few specs on this, the application is for 12 volt batteries from three to 400 amp hours. Again, the battery types is the standard AGM, gel, EFP and deep cycle. And the maximum charging amperage on this is 10 amps. But that should do it for the review on the OptiMate 7 Ampmatic nine-step, AC to DC, 12 volt smart battery charger and maintainer..
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