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Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at etrailer.com. Today, we're gonna take a look at this OptiMate 5 AC to DC, 12 volt, start and stop smart battery charger and maintainer. Now, this is a nice compact AC to DC smart charger that'll draw power from an AC wall outlet to automatically charge and maintain 12 volt, 12 volt lead-acid batteries. So, this is perfect for charging cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers and even boats. This will work with the 12 volts standard AGM, gel, and EFP lead-acid batteries.

And this charger is designed to work especially for the eco-friendly cars that have the start-stop technology, so it is safe for sensitive electronics. Does offer multiple battery profiles that'll let you charge a variety of lead-acid battery types. And it goes through a six-step charging algorithm, which will automatically charge and maintain without overcharging. Basically, it analyzes your batteries condition to provide a customized charge for that battery. It does offer a built-in battery desulfator, which will restore lost battery capacity, and it does save sulfated batteries as low as two volts.

Now, the way you connect it to your battery, they do give you two options here. The first one is the battery clamps, which is the quick and easiest way to connect to your battery. You have the clamps here that just connect to the battery post, and then you have your SAE connector right here that'll plug into the connector on your charger. The other way is a little more permanent, they do eyelets. And these will let you make a secure connection to your battery terminals with these eyelets here.

You can see it does include a 15 amp inline fuse to protect the electronics from potential short circuits. And this one also has an SAE connector for connecting to the charger. But this one, because it's a little more permanent, has the nice weatherproof seal on that. And they even comes with a cap that when you're not connected, put it over there to keep any dirt and water out of the connection. Both of these cords are about 20 inches in length.

Now, this is a simple operation. Uses LED lights that'll indicate the charging status. And you can see the case it's in is a nice, durable weatherproof case. It includes wall mounts on the bottom and two on the top. Comes with a six foot long AC supply lead and a six foot long charge lead that has the SAE connector on it. This does come with a nice set of instructions that'll describe how you hook things up and how it operates. Few specs on this, again, the application is 12 volt batteries from 15 to 192 amp hours. The battery types, again, this supports is standard AGM, gel, and EFP lead-acid batteries. And the maximum charging amperage is four amps. But that should do it for the review on this OptiMate 5 AC to DC, 12 volt, Start/Stop smart battery charger and maintainer..
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