EV TEST ADAPTERS, WHY you need one & HOW they work - METREL A1532XA

An EV charger test adapter is essential for any electrician who's serious about installing EV charge points.

The EV tester adapter will simulate the presence of a car and mimic various charging states and simulate faults.

In this video, we look at the Metrel A1532 and the newly introduced A1532XA version. Along the way, we explore the PP and CP knobs and how type 2 charging cables work.

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Metrel A1532 & A5132XA test adapters



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00:00 EV adaptors
00:31 Built in safety features
00:51 How to test an EV charger
01:24 Type 2 plug
01:32 Connections in a type 2 plug
02:02 Taking to the EV charger
02:30 EV charging lead limits the charge taken by the car
02:43 220 ohms
03:57 A 1532 XA adaptor from Metrel
05:12 More buttons
06:17 Metrel MI 3155
07:50 Current transformer
08:12 One direction
08:55 See the app working without an EV car
09:44 No built-in A type RCD
10:08 Active switch

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