EVEN - "Venus" (Guitar Playthrough)

This is how I would play the song "Venus" live. As many of you know, I always experiment with my FX and modulation pedals so paiba iba talaga ung ginagamit ko depende sa mood and trip every gig. All played in my "supposed to be jazz guitar", #standardtuning EADGBE and my trusty Boss Metal Zone. Here is the complete gear list I used in the video:

Guitar: 1981 Ibanez AS-200
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)
Boston NG-100 (always on)
Boss MT-2 (main distortion)
Lofi EQ (Boss MS-3)
Flanger (Digitech GNX3000)
Boss PH-2
Slicer (Zoom ms-50g)
Strymon Bluesky
Filter (Boss MS-3)
Amp: #BossKatana 100 2X12

Special thanks: Boss Philippines, Yupangco Music
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