Everyone asks about this Guitar! Fender American Vintage Reissue 62' Telecaster

New Course coming out VERY SOON on creating and layering guitar parts! This is insight into my process of how I think about parts and create what I like to think of as "interlocking parts".

Talking about my 2002 Fender American Vintage Reissuee 62' Telecaster. I get asked about this one a lot. I've replaced the pickups with Fralin 5% overwounds, and it's got a 6 way adjustable bridge (for better intonation). I also talk about a refret I had done that showed me this guitar has a mind of it's own! I also discuss the loss of a friend and remind us all to be carful out there as shows start to open up and musicians find theirselves driving late through the night.

Used Fender AVRI 62' RI's on Reverb: https://reverb.com/p/fender-american-vintage-62-telecaster-custom

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