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My FAQs - I wanted to address the questions I am asked on an almost daily basis now. I have gained over 50k subscribers since I did my last Q&A video. I am so lucky to have such an engaging and loyal following. I wanted to make a video where I put all of the information you want to know in one place. I enjoy doing the Q&A videos very much, but to keep them fresh I need to spread them out a fair bit.

E: [email protected]
My Instagram: @guitarmancam

Hawk Picks: https://www.instagram.com/hawkpicks/?hl=en
Backing Track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4a3ExDsIqo&list=PLw5JsF5zQV_CuTsPVoOLWPTx1saKxTSjW&index=4

My Favourite Guitar?
Picks and Strings?
What do you clean your fretboards with? (boring, but always asked)
Favourite Guitarists?
Original Music? (Lake Domain band)
Am I endorsed by Charvel/Fender?
How many guitars do I own?
Favourite tube amp?
How long have I been playing guitar?

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