EXPERT ROUND-UP Session With Atif & Tim Where They Discuss Amazon Growth Strategies

How many of you are struggling with finding your next great product? Learn how to find products to sell on Amazon whether you're a beginner or an advanced seller, it's time to take your product research to the next level.
Mr. Tim Jordan will be joining us in this episode of Expert Round-up. Tim has been selling via e-com since 2015, owning multiple brands and owning a shipping, sourcing, and 3PL company with locations in the USA, China, and Central America.
Tim has worked as an executive strategy consultant for many of the top software and service companies in the industry, been the Chief Growth Officer for Sellers Funding, and founded the Private Label Legion community.
Tim is also the host of the AMPM Podcast and developed the very popular ProjectX Case Study in partnership with Helium10. Tim’s e-com expertise is broad, with a particular focus on product research, brand development, and general business development.
☑️ How to find your next great product ☑️ Building your own private label brand ☑️ Developing a self-designed new product ☑️ Sourcing from China / India suppliers ☑️ Selling your product on Amazon and other platforms ☑️ Creating your own online storefront
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