Fender Cybertwin - Vintage - Remember those, they sound great!

Here is quickest I can play through 100 presets.
Jamming on a 2005 Mini Deluxe Gold Top LP Gibson and Jeremiah helping tame the cameras to see all the motorized parts of the Fender Cybertwin.

• 40 character display shows you menu options, prompts and amp design information
• The data wheel enables you to select a dynamic range of settings
• 5 modes of operation: •Play •Amp Edit •FX Edit •Utility •Tuner
• 8 motorized knobs automatically rotate to adjust to preset selections, MIDI continuous controller sequences and input from a MIDI pedal or analog expression pedal
• 250 amplifier design presets:
• Fender Custom Shop – 100 custom amp designs including effects
• Player’s Lounge – 100 of your own (rewritable) amp and effects designs
• Your Amp Collection – 50 classic amp designs as originally manufactured
• MIDI implementation:
• 24 continuous controllers for automatic, sequenced control of amplifier settings • An assignable continuous controller for remote control of a dynamic parameter • 4 system exclusive functions for transferring presets and updating systems
• 16 drive circuitry selections: • 12 tube types, • 4 solid state types including new Extreme setting
• 2 vacuum tubes are used in the tube drive and the analog circuitry, (12AX7WC), now externally accessible
• 6 tone stacks, each with 2 location parameters (before/after the drive circuitry)
• 43 FX (effects) selections with 4–5 adjustable parameters each:
• 10 delay FX • 11 modulation FX • 3 special FX • 4 FX combinations • 14 new FX
• 11 Reverb types with 4 adjustable parameters each
• 4 compression level settings
• A hum reduction button to reduce line noise
• 3 noise gate levels with an adjustable depth parameter
• 8 timbre types give instant tone shaping for style accent or balance
• 4 line/speaker phase settings allow you to reverse the polarity of each speaker independently
• 8 reverb/effects bypass combinations (or vibratone rotor speed) that you can toggle by footswitch
• 4 quick access keys for one button access to favorite amp design presets
• 4 button footswitch for hands free selection of your quick access presets
• The expression pedal jack allows you to control nearly every preset controllable parameter with an analog expression pedal (optional)
• 130 watts of stereo output power, (65 watts per channel)
• Two 12AX7 preamp tubes
• Two 12 inch, 8 ohm Celestion® G12T-100 speakers
• 1 stereo digital line output, RCA SPDIF jack for connection to digital sound equipment
• 2 stereo XLR impedance balanced output jacks, with mono/stereo selection switch
• 3 effects loop jacks (mono out, and mono or stereo in) with -10dbv/+4dbu switch
• 2 speaker extension jacks for experimenting with other external speaker cabinets
(A thorough rundown can be seen with Greg Koch on Fender's channel)

Note on the Cyber–Twin SETM presets
Custom Shop presets were created by various players fluent in the corresponding musical styles. The appropriate
model of guitar was used wherever possible, ala Jimi with a maple-necked Stratocaster®.
Consequently, some presets may seem to be more “trebly” or “bassy” than you would prefer, or seem louder or quieter than some of the other presets. This is natural, because if person “A” plays a Telecaster® in a tiled room, and person “B” uses a Jazz guitar in a carpeted room, they will achieve very different end results. You can easily move the knob settings and store your changes if desired. Most of our Cyber-presets are designed to let the unique character of your instrument and playing style come through. That’s why thousands of pros and hobbyists alike have added the Cyber-Twin® SE to their tone toolbox!
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