Fender Squier Bullet Mustang - The Best Couch and Beginner Guitar? - Electric Guitar Review

This week we discover that the best 'beginner' guitar money can buy is also the perfect couch guitar for players of all levels. Affordable, comfortable, bullet proof, playable, and ultra cool... that's the Squier Bullet Mustang and it's a brilliant thing!

If you don't like some the talking or the playing bits in this video we've made it easy for you to skip along to the next chapter in case something more interesting is happening...

0:00 play in & coming up
0:50 what's happening today
1:15 about the guitar
4:55 ideal for beginners
6:10 great couch guitar
7:05 how much does it weigh?
7:35 pickup outputs
8:18 fingerboard & neck measurements
11:38 belly fit and finish
13:38 what does it sound like?
15:17 loaded with jam
18:08 it means business
20:20 what do we think?
22:10 fretwork out of the box
23:50 highly recommended
24:34 three chord plan
26:11 short play out jam

Signal Chain Info:
Amp: Vox AC15 C1 via AKG C414 & SM57
Drive (when on): Klon KTR

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