Fender Tone Master Super Reverb vs Vintage '60s Super Reverb | Tone Report Demo

Can hear the difference between Fender's new digital Tone Master Super Reverb amp and the vintage tube-based classic? In partnership with Fender, we want you to turn up in the comments if you're a true amp aficionado. https://bit.ly/FenderToneChallenge

Special Thanks to The Bonfires Vintage Reverb Shop for supplying the vintage Super Reverb: https://bit.ly/3k0zlSO
*From time to time, brands and builders send Reverb free gear to test and review, some of which may have been included in this video.

0:00 - Performance
1:08 - Intro/Specs
3:43 - Clean Amp A
4:20 - Clean Amp B
5:11 - Overdrive Amp A
5:44 - Overdrive Amp B
6:17 - Spring Reverb/Vibrato Amp A
7:06 - Spring Reverb/Vibrato Amp B
7:46 - Cranked Tone Master
9:02 - Which Amp Was Which?
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