FIFA 23 Best Graphic Settings (SDR | HDR) – PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox.

Hi, in this video, I show you the best graphic settings, for FIFA 23, SDR & HDR, on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.
Pay attention to learning how to adjust it manually for the best results and don't use specific numbers, learn how I did determine them and do the same for your TV.

Best PS5 settings after the new update:

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Time codes:
00:00 Best Graphics for All consoles
00:13 SDR - HDR Contrast settings
00:48 How I got The Best HDR Settings?
01:40 Step 1: HDR Brightness
02:36 Step 2: FIFA 23 HDR Settings
03:02 Step 3: Match Exposure to the game
04:13 Step 3.5: How to adjust HDR Brightness
04:44 Step 4: TV / Monitor settings for FIFA 23

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