Filthy Blues Guitar Solo, Slash Inspired Improv, Using Silver Jubilee Amp with Slash Wah #short

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#Short #Slash #BluesGuitar

Listening to a lot of blues lately and wanted to throw down some guitar improv over this really nice track. I hope you enjoy it, if there are some blues licks in here that you like please let me know and I can look at doing a tutorial for some of them.

As always, Im using a Slash Signature Guitar 2020 model, MXR EQ and for part of the song a Q Zone Crybaby.

Trying hard to get that dramatic Slash tone! A Slash inspired guitar solo included is the Slash Wah and the QZone guitar pedals to achieve that tone

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These licks are meant as inspiration for you to learn and develop.
Playing through a Marshall Silver Jubilee and Slash Signature Gibson Guitar 2020.

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My setup:
1) Marshall Silver Jubilee
2) MXR Reverb Pedal (in the FX loop)
3) MXR 10 band EQ Pedal
4) Slash Signature Gibson Guitar
5) Slash Signature CryBaby SC95
6) Ernieball 9 Strings
7) Dunlop TORTEX 1.14mm Picks
8) DDR Delay
9) Red Monkey 'Slasher' Guitar Strap
10) Q Zone Jim Dunlop Pedal
11) Custom Electronics MXR Boost Pedal

Silver Jubilee Amp Settings:
Presence: 7
Bass: 4
Middle 5
Treble: 3
Output Master: Variable
Lead Master: 10
Input Gain 6


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