First CNC Production Run! - Part 1

IT WORKS!!! It's been almost a year since the first ideas of this exact project started bouncing around in my head but it's finally making holds! I had one part shift on me but all in all it was an extremely successful machining operation. This thing made a stupid amount of dust which tells me that for full production run of 28 parts, I'm going to have to be even smarter with my approach to taking frequent stops for clearing out the dust. I may look into some creative solutions for perimeter dust collection & something to help keep the dust from collecting on the belts & rails.

The video was getting long so I split it into two parts, subscribe and hit the notification bell to be sure you see it when it's done! Thanks!


My name is Austin and I’ve always enjoyed building things. My childhood Christmas stockings were filled with bulk supplies of scotch tape so I didn’t use up all of my moms as I made various paper lightsabers and more. The things I wanted to build grew to be too complex for scotch tape and trial and error so I decided to study Mechanical Engineering to better understand how to make things. I specialized in mechatronics and manufacturing and I’m now about ready to graduate so I’m putting my education to work by building all the projects I haven’t had the time to do while in school. From climbing holds to signs and many other projects, I’m going to bring you along the journey through each build, and show you how I go about making everything I want to make. I hope it inspires you to get out there and build things and gives you a chuckle or two along the way. Thanks for watching!

CNC Machine: Carbide 3D - Shapeoko Pro XXL

Roughing ⅜ Coated Carbide Endmill: https://www.lakeshorecarbide.com/38longrougherfinishervariablefluteendmillforaluminumzrn.aspx

⅜ Coated Carbide Ball Endmill:


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