Fishing for Insights from Single-Lead and Multi-Lead ECG of Live Adult Zebrafish

In this webinar, Dr. Thao Nguyen discusses the exciting discoveries that her research team has made, debunks some common myths, and shares best-practices for data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. Her in vivo studies of adult zebrafish cardiac electrophysiology rely on single-lead and multi-lead surface ECG in live anesthetized adult zebrafish.

Zebrafish is a popular high-throughput vertebrate model to study human cardiac electrophysiology, arrhythmias, and myopathies. One reason for this popularity is the purported striking similarities between zebrafish and human electrocardiograms (ECGs). While human ECG, discovered 120 years ago, remains a standard technique in routine clinical practice, establishing similar standards for routine adult zebrafish cardiac research faces unique challenges. Yet, in vivo surface ECG offers the single most practical, economical, if not unique, solution to study adult zebrafish in vivo cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias.

To learn more about the webinar, click: https://insidescientific.com/webinar/fishing-for-insights-from-single-lead-and-multi-lead-ecg-of-live-adult-zebrafish/
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