flash drive repair workflow | recover data with thermal tape

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Flash drive repair workflow is different for everybody, but for me, repair always tops the recovery process (as in chip-off). The repaired flash drive has all of the data just like it did the last time it was functional. Chip-off data recovery can also be highly effective, but for cases that have NAND related problems. Flash drives can fail for many reasons, but luckily there are data recovery companies that know how to get data back from them. In my flash drive repair workflow, I always start from the very basics.
1.visual inspection and current flow testing
Often enough, the plan for data recovery is developed in this first very crucial step. Visual inspection can give away obvious clues, and the current flow tests can tell if the device is under-consuming, over-consuming, or stuck in the initializing boot loop.
- if under-consuming check connections with NAND
- if over-consuming check for shorts
- if readings go up then drop and cycle again - most likely the issue is NAND related

In our case, it is clear that the device is consuming too much. Something is short to ground, but what is it? How do you know which component it is? Flash drives are small and have a small number of components compared to motherboards and cell phones, but the same techniques can be used with flash drives. The easiest way to detect the short is by feel, but it is not precise. Cold spray can make it super easy to detect. A multimeter can give you a variety of options for detecting the issue. But what is super simple to use and gives precise detection of an overheating component if you don't have cold spray? You can just get a roll of thermal tape from your local stapes or business depot. Shorted components will get hot enough to stain the thermal tape and you will know the precise location of the component causing the issue.

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