FLITE TEST Freedom Fox PNP 1100/1250mm 3S Maiden flight

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Description "FLITE TEST Freedom Fox PNP 1100/1250mm"
The FT Freedom Fox is the result of a collaboration between FliteTest and our dear friend Trent Palmer. Trent inspires us and thousands of others through sharing his amazing flying adventures every week on his YouTube channel. His video content not only celebrates flight, but how it connects with his family and friends. We wanted to work with Trent to create an RC model version of his beautiful Kitfox that not only flies the same as the real one but is capable of easily recreating the same iconic maneuvers and STOL landings and take offs. Both Trent and FliteTest share a passion to see the world of aviation grow and hope that the FT Freedom Fox will both be a joy to fly and a reason to dream bigger.

We cannot thank Trent enough for giving us the opportunity to bring the Freedom Fox to you in a size that can be enjoyed at your local flying field or even a small park. This aircraft is capable yet very forgiving in the air. We have also included two wing tip options that will enable you to go from classic STOL (Short Takeoff or Landing) to sport and aerobatic flying. We are confident that the FT Freedom Fox will become a favorite for pilots of every skill level. Your support in purchasing the FT Freedom Fox not only helps to grow the vision and mission of FliteTest but helps to support Trent in creating inspirational content that will grow the world of flight.

Josh Bixler

"Stop making excuses. Start making memories."
-Trent Palmer

Interchangeable wingtips: The FT Freedom Fox comes with two sets of wing setups, allowing you to achieve maximum STOL performance or sportier high-speed flight performance.
Functional Nav Lights: A proper set of navigation lights is critical to keep the backcountry fun going late into the evening.
Functional bush wheels: A set of huge soft wheels are critical when you are touching down in the most unforgiving landing zones.
Steerable tail wheel: When it comes to back country flying, being able to maneuver on the ground is just as important as being able to maneuver through the sky.
Fully articulating landing gear: The key ingredients to a good bush plane are slow flight capabilities and a beefy landing gear. The FT Freedom Fox has them both!
Powerful 1250kv motor
30 Amp ESC with 40 Amp Burst 2-3S LiPo
All servos and linkages preinstalled
Easy to Assemble, no glue or tape required
STOL Wingspan: 1250mm
Speedster Wingspan: 1100MM
Flying Weight: 1156g
Length: 965mm

Servos and linkages
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