Floyd Mayweather Reacts To NEW Logan Paul Training Footage

Floyd Mayweather Reacts To NEW Logan Paul Training Footage

It’s almost time for the big fight night between Logan Paul and floyd mayweather. And Logan paul just had his media workout prior to the boxing match on June 6th. A lot of people had things to say about his workout and Floyd Mayweather even made some comments about it. Logan Paul went on instagram live to film some of his media workout and I gotta say it was quite surprising how much Logan seems to have improved since his last match against KSI. Of course Logan doesn’t look like he is anywhere near the talent of Floyd Mayweather, I think we gotta give it up to Logan for getting himself in great shape and also improving the amount he has. I mean there were some noticeable weaknesses of Logan Paul that FLoyd will clearly pick up on. During his media workouts he was working out with his trainer by hitting pads and his trainer actually threw some punches that Logan wasn’t expecting and if it were a fight, Logan would have gotten hit with them. So I dont think Floyd will have any trouble making contact with Logan.
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