#FMFS2021Summit​ - ATCC-Cryptocurrency Kiosk and Bitcoin ATM Panel

Hello and welcome to the first annual Follow Money Fight Slavery Summit.

I’m Sam Graber, Chief Communications Officer for the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, AKA ATII.

ATII helps financial institutions promote corporate social responsibility through increasing awareness, facilitating intelligence integration & technology advancement, while establishing strategic data collaboration – all focused on one outcome, to combat human trafficking. ( https://followmoneyfightslavery.org/ )

Throughout the virtual summit, you will hear industry thought leaders discuss the importance of how now, more than ever, it’s time for financial institutions to take action against human trafficking. Human Trafficking is a Financial Crime, and this is an industry Call to Action.

As you listen today, and find yourself wanting to dive deeper, please visit us at followmoneyfightslavery.org. Where you’ll find free resources that you can put into play immediately. While you’re there, take our quiz to see where you can Amp up your Corporate Social Responsibility impact when it comes to combatting trafficking of our fellow humans.

With me now is one of four panels we've assembled for #FMFS2021Summit.

I am thrilled to introduce you to our Cryptocurrency Kiosk and Bitcoin ATM Panel, moderated by Robert Whitaker of Blockchain Intelligence Group. The other panelists are Rich Sanders, Seth Sattler, Arnold Spencer and Joe Ciccolo.

Please learn more about these industry thought leaders in our Team ATII blog post here: https://followmoneyfightslavery.org/fmfs-2021-summit-spotlight-atcc-crypto-kiosk-bitcoin-atm-panel/
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