Fortin Cali Suite Tone Capture | Mooer GE250

Tone Capture of the Fortin Cali Suite Plugin, the pack contains three captures of the plugin (one for each amp in the plugin) in five patches and a custom IR.
Set the gain and volume knobs according to your guitar and pickup configuration and the delay tempo at your liking with the CTRL Tap switch.
Includes a custom IR.

Patch List:
FORTIN CS CL CR - Clean and crunch sound change between them with CTRL switch
FORTIN CS OD 1 - Fortin Cali Suite OD1 amp rhythm settings
FORTIN CS OD1LD - Fortin Cali Suite OD1 amp lead settings
FORTIN CS OD2 - Fortin Cali Suite OD2 amp rhythm settings
FORTIN CS OD2 LD - Fortin Cali Suite OD2 amp lead settings

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Preset by Creator Carlos Eduardo Fuentes
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