Fractal Audio FM3 "Archean Clean" amp sim (PRS Archon) - NO POST-PROCESSING/EFFECTS!

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This video is about showing what the Fractal Audio "Archean Clean" amp sim (based on PRS Archon) sounds like with NO post-processing and effects (reverb only, added halfway thru the video) - This is always a double edged sword type video, because obviously adding compression and etc would make this sound much much better, but I wanted to showcase what the Archean Clean actually sounds like in the room with minimal tweaking and additives. I hope you get something from this video, and please let me know if you'd like to see more of these types with the FM3 or Neural DSP Quad Cortex when I receive it!

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Guitar: Aristides 060 (Dimarzio Cruiser Middle / Pro Track Neck)
Rig: Fractal Audio FM3 into SSL 2+ into DAW (Acoustica Mixcraft)
Camera: Canon M50 (Kit lens)

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