Friedman's Seriously Impressive VINTAGE Guitar Line!

Dave Friedman is an absolute legend in the guitar amplifier game - his designs have transported an entire legion of guitar players back in time, granting them access to their favourite classic amp designs of the 60s, 70s & 80s, while bringing them squarely in to the 21st century, with modern features like properly-designed effects loops, channel switching, functional master volumes and extended ranges of tight, saturated gain. In many ways, they are the perfect hybrids.

The exact same formula has been applied to this stunning range of Vintage models, designed in collaboration with legendary Southern California builder, Grover Jackson. Featuring the best of the vintage world, including smooth, retro tones with tons of clarity and mojo, colliding with the features all modern guitar players demand, these machines tick a lot of the boxes required for a modern-day ‘hybrid’.

In today’s video, we run through 6 of the standout pieces from our recent delivery of these Vintage collection pieces. The Vintage S, Vintage T & all-new Vintage T Classic span the full width of legendary F-style designs, while offering something legitimately new, characterful and classy.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! If you’d like any more information on these guitars, or any of the others from our recent delivery, head to our website via the link below.

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Check out the guitars here:

Jump to the clips:
0:41 - Introduction
3:41 - Vintage T Fire Engine Red
4:50 - What did we expect?
8:46 - Vintage T Trans White
10:17 - Vintage S Overview
12:57 - Vintage S Playing
14:56 - Vintage T Classic Overview
17:34 - Vintage T Classic Blue Playing
18:38 - Concluding Thoughts
19:36 - Outro Playing


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