FULL CAMPER VAN TOUR - Ford Transit 148 EL - Titan Classic

The Titan Classic camper van conversions consist of a fixed base package plus optional upgrades for an additional cost. In this Ford Transit 148" EL High Roof camper van build we’ve added some upgrades such as the galley (kitchen), overhead cabinets and bench seat.

The Titan Classic is an option that allows us to significantly lower the van conversion costs without sacrificing quality and durability. By standardizing the base package and the available optional upgrades we can streamline our production to a level where the workload and labor hours are substantially reduced.

Our engineers carefully designed the Titan Classic option to be durable, reliable and serviceable. Everything from the flooring to the electrical and water systems was engineered with adventurous weather, temperatures and usage in mind.

For more information on the Titan Classic option go to https://www.titanvans.com/classic

If you are doing the camper van conversion yourself check out our van DIY kits at https://www.titandiykits.com

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