Full Course Of How To Make Money On Youtube

My name's Guy and on this channel, I show you how I make money online and how you can start earning income on the internet fast today.
First of all I wanna say thank you for all the support from all of you in my channel it really means a lot to me.
in today's video, you will see the full course to make money from youtube from anywhere around the world.
I worked on this video for more than 3 months so I will really appreciate it that you will share it with anyone you think will benefit from it or want to make +$100 a day from home.
you will learn here literally every single step of the process to create a passive source of income for you and your loved ones.
00:05 intro
02:25 intro to what is a cash cow and what is the easiest and fastest niche you will make money from it.
03:47 go bring a notebook, the presentation has started.
05:00 Youtube channels you can research and learn from to have great profits.
07:00 youtube art and thumbnails.
08:50 how to create an intro video.
11:32 branding research: like logo, video endings, and intros, banner, and watermark.
12:36 how to find the best affiliate product for your channel on social media
14:15 the basics for a viral video, including copyrights free content
14:30 how to download free stock footage and organize them
16:00 what stock footage you should download to look like a pro.
20:20 products to market research and keywords research
21:45 where to get the best copyrights free music
26:00 the work plan for each video + app idea to make money from
29:00 what video editing software to use and how to create a full video with it in minutes
36:36 design a high converting end screen with an appealing call to action
44:30 add the end screen to the video
52:35 how to export a video properly
56:30 the video I just created with a call to action
57:15 how to post and schedule your videos in advance
58:09 how to create an eye catching thumbnail
1:00:10 how to make the headline and the description
1:01:30 The right keywords to use and settings for maximum exposure
1:04:00 how to bring traffic and sales to your channel
1:04:50 the last thing you need to know to start taking action
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