FUZZ 101: A Beginner’s Guide | Friday Fretworks

Fuzz can be a bit of a minefield. Where do you even start?!

Disclaimer: I wanted the intro jam to have a bit of a Deep Purple feel but in retrospect, it ended up sounding a bit like a pirate metal band...apologies!

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Key points:

0:00 Intro
0:06 JAM!
1:27 My introduction to fuzz
2:30 The first ever fuzz pedal
3:07 Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone
3:37 Sola Sound Tonebender
4:17 Jimmy Page's recollections
4:46 Jackson Audio Fuzz
5:25 JAM! (Tonebender)
6:25 The Fuzz Face
8:04 JAM! (Fuzz Face)
9:22 The Big Muff
10:44 JAM! (Big Muff)
11:59 In conclusion...
12:43 JAM! (Fuzz Face)

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