Getting Focusrite & Heritage Mic pres ready for install #proaudio #studio #recording #heritageaudio

As I am preparing for the build on Brownstone Recording North! I'm getting the Focusrite and Heritage microphone preamps or mic pres rack ready for the install. It's going to take a moment in time to get it in place but in the mean time here's some eye candy

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Current Recording Studio Setup:

DAW 1: (Scoring Station) Logic Pro X & Dorico 4 on Macbook Pro

DAW 2 : (Recording Station) Pro Tools Ultimate with an Orion 32HD M1 Mac

Microphones: Neumann, AKG, Shure, Audix, Rode,AEA, Royer, Peluso

Headphones: AKG, SONY

Monitors: Auratone, Dynaudio, Mackie, Tannoy

Monitor Management: Still working on it;0)

Headphone Monitoring: Furman

Vintage Gear: DBX, Neve

Preamps: Focusrite, NEVE, Fredenstein, Fivefish, Valley International,

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