Getting Malcolm Young's Tone Out Of ANY Amp With The AC/OD by Missing Link Audio @missinglink6135

Playing my Gretsch Vintage Select plugged into the Clean Channel of the Marshall AVT-50 set as clean as possible. Letting the AC/OD pedal do all of the work.

With the AC/OD you can get the Malcolm Crunch at any volume level. You can crank the pedal into Gig-Level volumes or turn down the volume and get ultra bedroom levels. And the best part is that the level of gain/saturation stays the same. So you can dial in the level of distortion you want with the Gain knob and then set whatever Volume level you need with the "Volume" knob. And because it models the AC/DC style 100w modded Marshalls, you then can control the dynamics and gain of the amp with the volume knob on your guitar. Go from screaming solos on 10 all the way to crunchy rhythms on like 5 or 6.


*I will state that Missing Link Audio did send me the AC/OD to check out; however all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.*

A lot of you guys have asked me for suggestions on getting good AC/DC tone out of more budget friendly amps. And not everyone can afford thousands of dollars of Amps, Cabinets, and Microphones to record. With the AC/OD you really can unlock that fabled AC/DC tone out of ANY amplifier. If you want THE tone then save your pennies and invest in the AC/OD!

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