(Ghost) Riders In The Sky (Johnny Cash Cover)

Sp00ky season is probably my favorite season, so I'd be remiss to let it pass by without sharing an appropriately spooky song. Stan Jones wrote it, Burl Ives covered it, Bing Crosby, Vaughn Monroe...but Johnny's version is arguably the best-known today. Huge thanks to Josh for not only appearing in this video, but for suggesting the full-band approach, talking me down from my anxieties re: recording drums AFTER the guitar and vox take, and providing clutch mixing help when all the low-mid-frequency-heavy instruments started getting the best of me. This video truly wouldn't exist without him.

Special thanks as well to my Patreon patrons who allow me the opportunity to celebrate Halloween as part of my job, and to AVID for the sonic MVP of some of my latest recordings, the Carbon.

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Acoustic guitar: 2013 Martin 000-17SM
Electric guitar: mid-2000s Fender MIM Telecaster with Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups
Baritone electric guitar: Gretsch G5260 Baritone
Bass: Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 77
Snare: 14x8 Pearl Modern Utility
"Kick": 16" Pearl Export floor tom
Electric guitar amp: Fender Blues Junior
Whistling: The Mouth of Josh

Audio interface: Pro Tools Carbon (https://www.avid.com/products/pro-tools-carbon)
Vocal/drum overhead/bari guitar amp mic: Warm Audio WA-47
Acoustic guitar mic: Røde NT5
Electric guitar amp mic: Alder Audio H44
Kick drum mic: AKG D112

Camera: Canon SL2 w/ 24mm f/2.8 lens
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