Going For GOLD! Unboxing The New Epiphone Gold Glory & D'Addario XS Strings Update! - PMT Vlog 15

In this weeks vlog Dagan goes for GOLD and unboxes one of his most anticipated guitars of 2021, he shows you what tasty product reviews are coming very soon to PMTVUK (so hit that subscribe button!), one of the most kickass line-array systems BOSE have ever made, 24 months INTEREST FREE Finance on Taylor Guitars, as well as a tour of the electric guitar room at PMT Newcastle - with all it's beautiful new guitars, and just how well have the D'Addario XS Strings held up after months of gigging?! All this and so much more in this weeks PMT's 'Behind The Scenes' Vlog!

PMT are offering 24 months INTEREST FREE Finance on Taylor Guitars! We've just had the UK's biggest drop of Taylor guitars land and we're giving you folk the chance to get the Taylor of your dreams and pay for it over 2 years! Give your local PMT store or our online team a call for more info!

Dagan's Original D'Addario XS Acoustic Strings Restring Video: https://youtu.be/k8AQHRnvq2c

0:00 Intro & What's Coming Up!
1:57 Studio Tour & Tasty Products Getting Reviewed!
4:04 Epiphone Jared James Nichols 'GOLD GLORY' Unboxing!
5:42 Gold Glory Specs
7:20 Gold Glory First Notes!
11:20 The BOSE L1 Pro - BOSE's Fancy New Line-Array System!
12:39 24 Months Interest Free FINANCE on Taylor Guitars!!
13:13 Electric Guitar Room Walkaround - Whats NEW!
16:30 D'Addario XS Acoustic Strings Update!
20:56 Final Thoughts & Outro

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