Google Search Console Live, SEO & Google Fight & New AdWords & AdSense Features

Издатель - This week in search, we reported that the Google Search Console beta is now live for everyone. Also, SEOs and Google got in a fight about subdirectories versus subfolders. Google’s remove URL report in Search Console had a reporting issue. Google’s John Mueller dished out some heavy SEO advice to one webmaster. Google also said they don’t use GPS coordinates in search rankings. Google said when you translate your page content, make sure to do so also for the alternative image attribute text. Stone Temple came out with Actions on Google for Google Assistant SEO related questions. Google launched a sub carousel for people also search for. Google My Business now has video uploads working properly. Google vacation rentals test does not mean they have changed their Google My Business guidelines. Google AdSense in-feed ads now uses machine learning to match your site design. Google AdWords launched new features to hide more ads. Google’s Chrome User Experience report now can drill into regional data. Searchmetrics finally has won the legal patent fight with Brightedge. This week, the search community honored Mike Blumenthal, Akville DeFazio, Bruce Clay, Susan Hallam and David Harry. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Search Console Beta Live For Everyone Now :
SEO & Google Fight Over How Google Treats Subdomains vs Subdirectories :
Remove URLs Report In Google Search Console Under Maintenance :
Google's John Mueller Detailed SEO Advice To Webmaster Who Merged Four Sites :
Google: We Don't Use GPS Coordinates Schema In Search :
Google: Translate Your Image Alt Tags As Well :
Stone Temple's New Actions On Google For SEO Questions :
Google Sub Carousels In People Also Search For :
Google My Business Videos Uploads Fixed & Instantaneous :
Google: Vacation Rental Test Does Not Change Google My Business Guidelines :
Google AdSense In-Feed Ads Now Can Use Machine Learning :
Google AdWords Adds Remarketing Ad Settings & Mute Ads Additions :
Chrome User Experience Report Now Shows Country Specific Data :
Searchmetrics Beats Brightedge In Court Over Patent Dispute :
Mike Blumenthal - The Search Community Honors You :
Akvile DeFazio - The Search Community Honors You :
Bruce Clay - The Search Community Honors You :
Susan Hallam - The Search Community Honors You :
David Harry - The Search Community Honors You :
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