GooLoo Jump Starter Review - 4000 Amp Jump Starter Power Bank, 26800 mAh Battery Bank

The Gooloo 4000 Amp Jump Starter & Battery Bank is a useful tool to carry in your car for Emergencies. The GooLoo GP4000 Jump Starter also has a 26800 mAh Battery Bank which is able to quick charge any device that can be connected via the Two USB-A or Single USB-C Connectors. It also has the ability to charge up devices using the 12 Volt Cigarette Lighter style connector. This Gooloo jump starter can jump starts vehicles as large as a 10 Liter Diesel Engine or ANY Size Gas Engine. It has plenty of power for anything you need charged up. It is light weight and compact so it can be easily carried around in the glove box or trunk of your car or truck. It also comes in a convenient carrying case for easy storage. Never get stranded again because of a dead battery. Never have your phone, tablet or lap top run out of power when you are on the go. The Gooloo 4000 Amp Jump Starter is great for getting your car started or keep your devices fully charged. I'll go over all the details in the video and demonstrate how it can crank over a vehicle with a dead battery. If necessary it also has the ability to give you an extra BOOST when you press the BOOST button on the side for batteries that are REALLY, REALLY dead!.

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