Grocery Shopping - Best #Coding #Tutorial to learn Lists using #Scratch - Part 1 - #How use #Lists

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Grocery Shopping - Best #Coding #Tutorial to learn Lists using #Scratch- Part 1 #MadeInIndia

List Coding Assignment

Tic Tac Toe - This is a Tutorial Series to Create Toc-Tac-Toe and uses Lists.
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Raw and Ripe Mangoes

Data Structures is a hard topic for Computer Science students or programmers of any age, whenever they are first introduced to it. It is not obvious how do we use different kinds of data holders to store data and then work with it in programming.

Imagine for children, it is even tougher to absorb. Variables and Lists are tricky for children to understand.
Even once they understand it, use it, it is still kind of complex to see in which situations they can use it in their own projects.

We are starting a series of tutorials that will help learners of any age to use and understand and play with using Lists (aka Arrays) in their first few coding projects.

Getting Started
1 - Learning to Code and Create using Visual Programming Blocks

2 - Using MIT Scratch Software Online or Desktop Version

3 - Components of a Scratch Platform that are purposed for animation story creation

4 - The Curtain raiser; First Coding Block, Using the Event; When Green Flag Clicked

5 - Creating your first Scene in Scratch

6 - Scratch Platform - Intro to X Y Position, Coordinate Geometry

7 - Creating a One Scene Animation

Adding Dialogs to the Story
1 - Part 1 - Story will have dialogues

2 - Part 2 - Synchronizing dialogues using timer

3 - Part 3 - Synchronizing dialogues using Broadcast Event

The fun part - Coding for Animation
1 - Part 1 - Lets make the charkha spin

2 - Part 2 - Walking Mahatma Gandhi

3- Part 3 - Walking Mahatma Gandhi

Coding for Animation - Continued
1 - Creating a Story with Multiple Scenes, Best Practices to Create a Modular Story

2 - The Talking Animation
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