Guitar Amplifier Chassis Build - Custom Amp DIY -layout, punch, drill, & prep like Leo Fender

Build a custom amp chassis like Leo Fender. Chassis blank to a perfect platform for a boutique guitar amplifier. Greenlee punches, drill press, nibbler, and files. If you are building something that requires a chrome chassis, the best option is to buy one. This video is about taking a blank and customizing it for your needs. Don't let the selection at a parts supplier limit your ability to build that circuit that you are dreaming of building. These techniques also would come in handy if you are modifying an existing chassis that you are modifying (like a projector or vintage PA).

Here are the chassis punch sizes:
Octal socket: 1-3/16" (power tube)
Novalsocket: 7/8" (12A*7 preamp)
Pilot Light: 11/16"

#ampbuilding #leofender #DIY
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