Guitar Center Tech Damaged Your Guitar. What Should You Do?

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43:00 Guitar Center Tech Damaged Your Guitar What Should You Do?

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00:00 Intro
04:38 Hi to Nathan from PRS and now Fender Custom Shop in the room
02:30 Getting a Les Paul bridge sound with a Strat neck sound?
05:40 Working in the industry and having fun with it also
07:50 If you want Epiphone on the channel let me know
10:00 I also recommend Agufish's channel for Epiphones as well
14:38 The issue with the Spark amp and humming
16:38 Humbucker pickups that sound good coil split
18:40 Can you put white out on a Nitro finish to make bigger side dots.
20:20 Nirto finish smells like vanilla
22:30 Do you have to remove all the finish on a MIM sorta to put nitro on it?
23:49 Are Paper Towels the best polishing cloth?
24:45 Finish delaminating from a Music Man what should I do?
28:00 Pickup going to half volume when blending with the other pickup?
30:45 The How you say your name video we did at NAMM that was crazy
33:45 Guitar techs and trust
38:30 Guitar techs with horrible attitude
43:00 Guitar Center tech Damaged Your Guitar What Should You Do?
1:01:01 The first time we met Lawrence Petross from LPD pedals
1:06:30 More gear has a point of diminishing returns?
1:14:40 The Sire guitar review
1:20:26 GMP guitars and art work from Dan
1:22:26 What is our favorite envelope filter
1:26:15 Grumpy Mike practice amp video
1:27:25 My thoughts on Honest vs unbiased reviews
1:29:15 What is the ideal conditions to spray nitro spray paint?
1:30:45 Why does my Jackson satin nitro finish feel better than my PRS satin nitro finish?
1:35:20 Does Nathan have a you tube channel?
1:39:00 On Ben Coombs show on Sunday
1:44:00 can you put a Fender 22 fret neck on a guitar that has a 21 fret neck?
1:45:10 Talking Ovation guitars
1:52:19 Any plans to review the new Fender Jazzmasters?
1:53:00 Is neck relief a preference or just set to certain specifications
2:02:00 Gibson Les Paul with finish flaking off?
2:05:15 What is Nathan's favorite type of finish?
2:07:20 Paint Huffer finish and my Charvel
2:15:49 Pawn shop Fender, not Fender amps
2:19:20 Best way to remove pick scratches?
2:20:20 Should you get a PRS or a Kiesel? Why the neck matters
2:29:30 Getting side tracked and talking about the PRS Nathan made
2:35:50 60 Cycle Hum Rickenbaker video
2:36:50 Nathans new Custom Shop Jackson
2:44:48 What do you use to get sticker residue off nitro finish?
2:46:53 What do you do if your PRS starts to have cloudy spots in the finish?

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