H-King (PNF) Yak-11 Warbird and Racer Edition 1450mm (57") - Flight Review

Introducing the H-King Yak-11, available in a unique warbirds scheme and as a striking Reno Racers variant. Learn more about the all-new H-King (PNF) Yak-11 Warbird and Racer Editions! Now available, including spare parts.

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The striking H-King Yak-11 is an impressive 1450mm wingspan scale RC plane that has impeccable handling characteristics and looks stunning in the air. It is available in two color schemes: an authentic commemorative Russian WW2 scheme, and a colorful, racy-looking fantasy air races scheme. The differences do not stop there though, both have different power trains, one for torque, and one for speed.

The H-King Yak-11 has a lot of outstanding features including CNC machined fully functioning oleo struts with gear doors, LED landing lights, and navigational lights (a full list of features are below). Both versions come "Plug N Fly" with motor, ESC, and high power metal-geared servos factory installed. Construction of the Yak-11 is the popular strong and tough EPO foam, and it also has scale working split flaps, and a servoless retract system.

Get the H-King (PNF) Yak-11 Red Reno Racer EPO 1450mm (57"): https://bit.ly/3pRid51
Get the
H-King (PNF) Yak-11 Commemorative Russian WW2 Warbird EPO 1450mm (57"): https://bit.ly/3IrZNzX
Get H-King (PNF) Yak-11 Spare Parts: https://bit.ly/3ovc9PV

All that is required to get your Yak-11 Warbird flying is a 6ch radio system, some foam glue, and a 6S 5000~6000mAh 50C+ LiPo battery with an XT90 connector.

• PNF with servoless retracts
• CNC machined fully functional all-metal oleo struts with gear doors
• LED Landing and navigational lighting system
• Quick connect wing servo connectors
• Powerful and reliable H-King power system gives speeds of up to 125mph
• Landing gear configured for grass operations
• Authentic commemorative Russian WW2 color scheme

Featured in this video:
Rhino 5000mAh LiPo Battery Pack W/XT90: https://bit.ly/31ANeBI

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