Hagerman 12AX7 Tube Overdrive...Add Another Channel To Your Tube Amp!

I've checked out a fair few of Jim Hagerman's black silicon series pedals...and they've all been great. But he's best known for his tube offerings - and today I have one of those for you! Enter the 'Overdrive', with a single 12AX7 at it's core (running at proper high voltage - so this pedal needs a high-current 9v adaptor) that creates all of the gain in this powerhouse of a box.

It can be very transparent when it wants to be - but then take you all the way from mild crunch through to blocky, velcro-type fuzz should you want it. This line of pedals really is a hidden gem in the boutique tube pedal world!

What do you think? Sizzly, tubes goodness? Or not for you? Comment below!

Amp is an Orange Retro 50 running into a Zilla Studio Pro 2x12 cabinet loaded with Scumback S75-PVC AlNiCo and Celestion AlNiCo Gold speakers. Recorded with Aston Spirit Condenser, '70s Sennheiser MD441 and sE RNR1 ribbon mics, with a Schoeps CMC6 room mic.

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0:00 Intro
2:41 Playing

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