Headphone Amplifier Design | NE5532, KiCAD, Baxandall Volume Control

Massively parallel NE5532 op-amp (44 in total!) low-noise, low-distortion headphone amplifier design (single DC rail). Going through all design considerations from power supply, input buffers, voltage amplifaction stage (using Baxandall volume control), through to output section.

Inspired by Douglas Self: http://www.douglas-self.com/ampins/books/ssad3.htm and https://www.elektormagazine.com/magazine/elektor-201010/19460

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Assembled PCBs (JLCPCB)
01:09 Overview
01:43 Block Diagram
02:44 Core Design Principles
03:24 Spice Simulation Results
04:18 JLCPCB and My Website
04:48 Power Supply (LM317, Bias Generators, Single-Rail)
07:02 Input Buffer (Filters, Parallel Op-Amps, Biasing)
08:30 Voltage Amplification Stage (Baxandall Volume Control)
13:21 Output Stage (Massively Parallel Op-Amps)
14:57 PCB (KiCAD)
15:50 Enclosure
16:41 Douglas Self NE5532 OpAmplifier and Small-Signal Book
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