HiFi Tube Pre-amp: Final Three Shootout!

Well the day has come for the long awaited Pre-amplifier shootout! We have 3 entries, I built an amplifier specifically for testing them, technically and sonically and well, we found one obvious loser! I think you all are gonna find the results interesting.

We have 3 different China clone pre-amps, 2 were prebuilt, one I built with quality parts from a ebay board. Here is a link to some info about my build, this info could change as we play around with these.


This is a project I am excited about as this is something a lot of folks have asked about: a tube pre-amplifier. My build is a clone of a Conrad Johnson pre-amp that uses four 12AX7 tubes. I ended up using 12AU7 tubes. Zero-zone sells this already built for $260ish, but I wanted to build this myself using known quality components and my own layout.

We will be exploring Pre-amps more in the future!
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