High Enough Damn Yankees | Guitar Lesson Tutorial Easy Guitar Solo

Here’s a guitar lesson on High Enough, a hit song by the supergroup Damn Yankees. Ted Nugent played the guitar solo. It’s an easy guitar solo and a cool one. High Enough is a ballad, so Ted mixes both major and minor pentatonic scales nicely in this. Plus he uses a Wah pedal!

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0:00 Introduction
0:34 Contents
0:56 Demo
1:24 Slow-mo with Wah
2:05 Tab
2:27 Slow-mo without Wah
3:14 Theory
4:08 Solo Construction
4:55 Using the Wah Pedal
5:45 Note for Note
5:52 First Phrase
6:52 Second Phrase
7:55 Third Phrase
8:46 Fourth Phrase
10:08 Conclusions

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