History of the ProCo RAT Pedal and Myths Debunked

The ProCo RAT might be the most beloved distortion pedal in guitar history. So what happens when you give a pedal nerd like Josh permission to give a TED Talk on the RAT? This episode happens. Josh studied over 100 different RAT pedals in preparation for this week's episode, and it shows. This is the deepest dive on the ProCo RAT you're ever going to see.

JHS Fresh Clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTN1OwPMtjgH3hQAxvF-l2Q

Full Article: https://thejhsshow.com/articles/history-and-timeline-of-the-proco-rat-pedal
PackRat Episode: https://youtu.be/B_jtDX1_FZg

If you have any additional information about ProCo or the RAT Pedal please email:
[email protected]

Version Walk Through:
Bud Box 1977-78
Dual Bud Box
Scott Burnham Ring-Mod Prototype (Bud Era)
1979 / Version 1-A "Fringe Logo"
1979 / Version 1-B "Tone Knob / Fringe Logo"
1979 / Version 1-C "Tone Control / Metal Knob"
1979 / Version 1-D "Tone Control"
1979 Juggernaut (and Reissue)
1981 / V2 "Big Box Filter"
1984 / V3-A "White Face"
1986 / V3-B "Black Face"
1986 / V3-C "No Brackets"
1987? / RAT2 - LED Prototype
1987-88 / V4-A "RAT2-LED-Flat Top"
1989 V5 "Turbo"
1991-2005 "Big Box Vintage Reissue"
1997 V6-A and V6-B "Roadkill / BRAT"
2002 "Duecetone"
2002 Era? "ProCo Preamp Prototype"
2003 "25th Silver Anniversary"
2004 V7 "You Dirty RAT" and Proto
2006 V8 "Solo" and PROTO RATZO
2008 V4-B "RAT2 Chinese Made Slope Enclosure"
*We're aware Josh calls it the "Chinese Slope" in this video. We were unaware that was considered a derogatory term and have changed it on all content since this video was recorded.
2010 "1985 White Face Reissue"
2014 V9 "FATRAT"
2015 V4-C /4-D / 4-E "IKEBE 40th Anniversary Exclusive Colorways" (Japan Only)
2021 V10 "Lil' RAT"

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