Homemade AC Air Cooler! DIY Air Cooling! best yet! (no added humidity)! Easy DIY - Air Conditioner!

Unique DIY AC Air Cooler! Homemade AC! Produces very cold air with NO added humidity! (it's a closed loop system). and has an "air conditioning like' feel. very easy to make. is made with an all-aluminum heat exchanger (called a transmission cooler), also some 3/8" ID clear vinyl tubing, and a small water pump (12v 4.8w one used). essentially the unit just circulates cold water through the piping (which transfers the 'cold' to the fins). the room air is then circulated through the fins by the use of a small AC or DC powered desk fan) it pulls (or pushes) the hot room air through the fins and it cools down. the fins themselves literally cool down in seconds (about 20 seconds and they're freezing). for the tests i just used one gallon of cold water (from fridge) and one or two 'ice-packs' and i was able to get cold air for 1 to 2 hours. "if you use a medium size ice chest and a couple of frozen gallon jugs or ice blocks you should be able to triple the cooling time! (or for maximum cooling freeze the entire 2 gallon bucket with water, then when ready to use it just add a little water to the top *maybe 16 oz. (just enough to cover the pump) and set the pump into the water and you're set for a long time. main product used is an all-aluminum heat exchanger. you can get them on amazon. they've got several sizes and shapes. the particular type and brand i used has the best fin spacing for a small table fan. (it also has thick fins on it so they don't bend easily). cost 24 dollars. note that it is very lightweight (weighs less than a pound) and also has a small profile. the system could be used even in very tight spaces. and if you use a 12v DC fan (10w) and a 12v DC pump (i used a 4.8 watt one) you only need about 15 watts to run it. you could easy hook it straight to a 12v solar panel (or a 12v battery) and your set. and since it only pulls about an amp you could run it for a very long time on a single 12v deep cycle battery. give it a try! it works great! if you like the video please rate, subscribe, comment and share it around
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