Hot Rockabilly Guitar Lesson #4 - MAXIMIZE YOUR LICKS

Learn to Maximize your Licks and Expand your Vocabulary!
Have you learned some licks from Youtube videos but don't know how to use them in a song? Having trouble coming up with your own ideas?
Happens to everybody.

There are a million Youtube videos with songs and licks tabs (which are great!), but not many that show you how to use them (which is frustrating!)

In this video, we explore how to take one lick and create endless variations so that you can develop your own style and never run out of ideas.

Number 4 in a series. More licks and tips to come!

Have a question? Want to hear something in future videos? Have your own setup that you want to share or your own tips? Everyone has their own setup and style. Feel free to share! Please leave a comment! Ill try and reply as quickly as I can.

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To skip ahead to licks and tab, go to 6:23

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