How not to lose power during a zoom call

How not to lose power during a zoom call
Here is the system I assembled ($796) that powered my office for 10 hours during a power outage. You will never have to worry about a power outage when delivering a full-day virtual presentation, workshop, or keynote via zoom, teams, and the like.

0:00 Introduction
1:59 How much power do you need?
4:28 What is a UPS?
5:52 Choosing the right battery
11:37 Choosing the Inverter
14:59 Choosing the Charger
17:10 The right wires
18:47 Electricity Usage Monitor
19:20 Putting it all together

Shopping list:
Battery: $165 x 2

Inverter: $225

Charger: $178

Cable: $13

Cart: $50 in parts from Harbor Freight and Home Depot

TOTAL: $796

Electricity Usage Monitor (not mandatory): $32

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