How To Acoustically Treat A Room - Complete Acoustic Treatment on a Budget

Leigh shows us how to how to acoustically treat a room and install his Auralex acoustic treatment kit in our complete guide to acoustic treatment on a budget.

Learn placement for panels, address sound reflection, how to place monitors and how to do an easy pink noise test. It's easier than you think!

With a tape measure, some patience and a complete Auralex studio acoustic treatment panel kit (that is fairly cheap but doesn't suck), you can turn any room into an awesome home studio.

In this how-to guide, Leigh Fuge, a collaborator and our resident PMT College tutor with PMTVUK shows us how to install his studio acoustic panels, how to place monitors to achieve the best listening positions and how home studio acoustic treatment doesn't have to cost a fortune with the selection of cheap acoustic treatment that doesn't suck from Auralex.

Gear used:
Auralex D108L DST Roomintor Kit in Charcoal / Purple:
Aston Origin:
KRK Monitors:

0:00 Intro to acoustic treatment placement guide
Leigh explains how he is going to treat his home studio with acoustic treatment on a budget and starts of our acoustic treatment placement guide.

1:46 How to measure your room for acoustic treatment
This section includes How To Measure For Correct Monitor Speaker Placement.
Listening position for monitors explained and how to guide.

6:33 Pink Noise Measurements
Leigh shows you how to sound measure a room with Pink Noise for the best listening position.
We get an insight into how to do a decibel check with your home studio and how this helps with listening positions for monitors

8:16 Pink Noise vs Microphones - measuring the results

10:53 Sound test without acoustic treatment
In this section, Leigh shows us what his home studio sounds like without acoustic treatment.
This is the start of our Before and After acoustic treatment section featuring a clap test

12:07 Acoustic guitar without acoustic treatment

12:32 Acoustic treatment vs sound proofing
Whats the difference between acoustic treatment and sound proofing?

13:01 What Acoustic Treatment kit is Leigh using?
Leigh unboxes the Auralex D108L DST Roominator Kit in Charcoal / Purple.
Leigh shows us what you get in the Auralex D108L DST Roominator kit

14:36 Acoustic Treatment placement guide
In this section, Leigh shows where to place acoustic treatment and how to reduce unwanted bass and tame the unwanted frequencies. This is your complete Acoustic Treatment Panels Installation Guide.

15:56 installing acoustic treatment bass traps and rear panels

18:56 Clap & Acoustic testing the acoustic treatment

19:41 Reflection points explained
Leigh shows you how to address reflection points in your home studio with a mirror

22:35 Acoustic treatment on the ceiling
How to install acoustic treatment on the ceiling

23:40 Acoustic treatment summary
Leigh shows us what he's installed and where he has placed his acoustic treatment

24:30 Final thoughts on acoustic treatment
Leigh offers some thoughts on the change acoustic treatment has made and what happens next!

22:58 Final acoustic treatment test
Leigh does a clap test and acoustic test with all acoustic treatment installed.

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